Endowment Ministry

The TLC Endowment Committee will be accepting proposals for the 2021 Endowment Grants beginning February 3.  It appears that there was actually growth in the fund and things ended in the black again. We have $ 72,300 to award from the 2020 growth in the fund. Our congregation has been abundantly blessed and has generously given to many worthwhile projects in our previous grants.  The Endowment Committee is looking for projects that continue that tradition as well as share our abundance through new initiatives and projects.

The authorizing by-laws for the TLC Endowment fund lists four major areas for grants to be awarded.  

  • LOCAL OUTREACH is for programs and projects such as The Isaac Initiative, Fraser Children’s Mental Health and LifeSource.  These projects are to help our own members as well as projects for the local community where we live and work.  
  • GLOBAL OUTREACH extends our abundance to the larger community for programs such as the Partners 4 Hope, Uganda Christian University and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.  These projects touch unknown lives in our country as well as around the world.  In addition to the kinds of proposals we have funded in the past, we would like to encourage proposals that break new ground in sharing our abundance.  
  • CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS on our house of worship - We have provided money for battery operated candles, new cabinetry in Linda’s office, and a new lawn tractor.  
  • EDUCATION, specifically religious career opportunities.  In the past we have primarily funded scholars actively seeking an educational degree in a religious career.  However, funds have also been provided for the Youth Leadership, Luther Seminary and Adult retreats.  We would like to continue to encourage applicants who need education or training for their religious career that is not necessarily leading toward a degree.

In all cases, we want to encourage potential projects that continue our rich tradition of sharing our abundance as well as projects that break new ground in our sharing.   Feel free to talk to any member of the Endowment Committee about your idea and how to make it become a grantable project.  Committee members for 2021 are Mike Chrun, Jenny Dresel, LeRoy Mitchell, and Todd Peterson.

Applications are due by Monday, March 15. Place completed forms in the secure lock box by the entrance to the back door, mail to the church office, or email to the TLC Business Administrator.  Thank you.

Local Outreach Application
Global Outreach Application
Capital Improvements Application
Education Application