Trinity has many committees that serve the local and wider church. We would love to have you get involved! Please contact the church council representative for more information:

Council: The council provides leadership and guidance to the church in their discernment of goals, mission and ministry. Please contact the following officers with any questions:

  • Senior Pastor ~Terry Nordheim~
  • Council President~ Carol Wolsky~
  • Council Vice President~ Rachel Calrson~
  • Council Secretary~ Gary Peterson~
  • Council Treasurer~ Phil Deimel~

Education: Provides support to the education of our members, both young and old. Please contact Sherry Holt (Children’s Education Director) or the council representative, Jill Eisfelder, 

Endowment: Works as an elected team to oversee the gifts given to our endowment fund. Please contact the Endowment council representative, Ken Kramer,

Finance: Finance participates in financial discussions as it pertains to the life and ministry of the congregation. Please contact Trinity’s treasurer, Phil Deimel, or our bookkepper, Twyla Mitchell,

Property: Property works with staff and lay leaders to best serve the custodial and ongoing needs of the congregation. Please contact the church office, or the council representative, Ross Peterson, 

Service Ministry: This committee invites members to assist in various areas of ministry throughout the church and community. Please contact Amber in the church office, or the council representative, Paula Anderson,

Stewardship Education: This team works with the Senior Pastor and the Finance committee in addressing the stewardship need of the congregation. Please contact our treasurer, Phil Deimel,  or our council representative, Rob Anderson,    

Technology: Oversees the technology and media needs of the church. Contact council representative, Jill Eisfelder,

Witness and Outreach: Welcomes new members and focuses on outreach activities in the church and community. Contact Outreach Coordinator, Bonnie Houger at or the council representative, Karin Vukich,  

Worship and Music: This committee ensures the worship life and witness of the congregation adequately addresses the needs of the community of faith. Please contact council representative, Terry Hogenson,

Youth: Provides support for youth in helping to administer and implement mission and ministry. Contact Linda Rambow (Youth Director) or the council representative, Karin Vukich,